Maar is the embodiment of harnessed rage. He represents the fury with which barbarians approach all conflict. He is brute strength personified and his followers are among the most brutal of all mankind.

His symbol is a red hand smeared down and to the left. It is often emblazoned on standards, as war-paint, and decoration throughout the nomadic encampments that pay homage to Maar.

His best known followers are a vicious band of human barbarians led by a brutal chieftan known as Ork. They are feared not only by the people of Emberhome, but also by the other nomadic human tribes.

Maar, known as The Brute among the tribes, has the largest following amongst the human gods. Almost every barbarian pays homage to Maar, and his glory grows with each successful raid that occurs. His favored weapon is the cestus, and his domains are Destruction, Fire, and Strength.


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