Human Player Info

Godsfall Humans are, for the most part, entirely identical to those presented in the Player’s Handbook. For purposes of our game, there will be a few minor changes.

-Illiterate: Civilization is just beginning for humans, and no educational system is in place to ensure that most people know how to read. As such, all players will begin the game illiterate, though can learn to read a language simply by spending skill points or giving up a language option.

-Hardy: Godsfall is a harsh world, even more so for the humans without the benefit of established civilization. Because of their exceptionally difficult living conditions, Godsfall humans recieve the Toughness feat free at character creation.

-Class Selection: While all classes from the PHB are available, it is important to note how those classes fit into the overall structure of a budding human culture. For example, there are no libraries, grand wizards’ towers, bardic colleges, or even things as simple as a standing military. Be aware of the setting when choosing your class and background. While anything can work, its also important to make sure it fits well with the game. When in doubt, talk to the DM and get his approval and input.

Human Player Info

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