Godsfall Elves

The Elves of Godsfall where among the first sentient mortal beings. The Fey Wild that birthed them was home to many powerful entities that created the elves to take advantage of the material world that was just out of their reach. For almost one thousand years, the elves have been steward over the world of Godsfall. However, recent events have caused some distress among the noble-born.

The Elves have realized that their connection to their creators is fading, and with it, their supposed immortality. This has led many among the Elves to seek out help and to grow in personal power in a desperate bid to stop this loss.

With magic, both ancient and new, the Elves are poised to either bring themselves out from under their Fey Masters, or fall into decadence and bring ruin upon the face of Godsfall.

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Godsfall Elves

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