Elven Pantheon

The Elven Pantheon consists of several elves that have reach near-immortal status by clinging on to their immortality, either by renewing their connection to Fey, or creating another link to a different realm. Most of the elven gods and goddess once led a noble house among their kind and have generally been alive long enough to recall their genesis in this land. They are among the oldest sentient creatures in Godsfall and reaching a level of divinity has not lessened their hubris.

Earendur – Known as “The Eldest”, Earendur has been a source of hope for the Elves since their birth on Godsfall. Known for being wise and knowledgeable in all things, many elven mages owe Earendur for their apprenticeships.

Larien – “The Daughter of the Moon” has encouraged her people to find magic in the natural places of the world. She has encouraged strong relationships with the members of Faerie, including dryads and nymphs, to help her people rebuild their connection to the magic they so desperately need.

Ah’mai’alithil – “Shadow Wing” has taken it upon herself to find a road to immortality independant of their former masters and without the aid of spirits. She desires her people to be free and has taken to exploring forgotten areas of the Elven Forest, including secluded caves and grottos, in hopes of finding a power source independant from the Elementals and the Fey Lords.

Elven Pantheon

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