Dwarven Ancestors

The Dwarven Empire is generally run using empirical methods, though they have a strong system of ancestor worship. Many of their past leaders created strong cults of personality around themselves and in recent years, the dwarven leadership has been able to exploit the wealth and prosperity of the empire to create an even more zealous following.

Bazur Goldforge – The last High King of the dwarves. Bazur is renowned for creating an interconnecting system of tunnels between the major dwarven cities. He is also responsible for pushing the recent technological advances that will allow the dwarves to tunnel even deeper in search of precious metals.

Nurvar Quicksilver – Nurvar was the first dwarf to smelt mithril. He discovered the metal in one of the deepest mineshafts the dwarves have made and his innovations in smelting techniques make him the envy of all metallurgical minded dwarves.

Valel Strongaxe – Valel was once a great warleader and chieftan of a dwarven clan responsible for clearing out the last of the great Shadow Wyrms that lived near the dwarven homelands. He is well respected as one of the greatest dwarven warriors to have ever lived.

Dwarven Ancestors

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