In the Beginning (Intro)


Welcome to the Godsfall Campaign. We will be using D&D 3.0 for our rules and a homebrew setting which I hope you will all enjoy. I plan to try something a bit different with this campaign, in that I expect it to span several hundred years of the world’s history and will take place in at least 3 different segments. In effect, everyone will have at least 3 PCs that will operate in different times and cultures, helping form the world and participating in the events that shape it.

The setting is one that is “young”. What I mean by that is the world’s races and cultures are still fairly new. We can all remember games that highlight how powerful the elves and dwarves were at one time, but how often do we get to PLAY in those eras? That’s what Godsfall will be about. We will have three playable races at start, each with their own adventure arc.

Humans will actually be drawn from the new city of Emberhome. While they may have grown up barbarians, PCs will be expected to have thrown their lot in with civilization, or at least have a healthy respect for what the city can offer. The arc will deal with ideas of morality and the rise of violent humanoid tribes.

Elven players will descend from one of the major noble houses in the Elven Forest. They will work toward discovering why the Elves are losing their immortality and finding ways to adapt and/or recover what they are losing. The Elven game will focus on discovering and creating an Elven identity independant of the Fey Wild and branching out of the Elven race.

Dwarf players will be treated to seeing their race at its height. They will have easy access to high end weapons and armor and minor access to magically crafted items as well. At first, the game will center around the grandeur of the Dwarven Empire and what the PCs can do to increase the wealth. Eventually we will introduce threats to the dwarven way of life and it will be a very dramatic downturn and struggle for survival.

Following the three story arcs, we will move into a general campaign with more character options and it is my hope to allow the players to decide the direction of the game from that point, addressing the concerns that they (and their characters) see as important for the future of Godsfall.



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