Encounters with Nomads

This week the hunting party was given a Brawler and a Berkserker to assist them in their duties. While on the trail of a large moose herd, the party was beset upon by a colony of large trapdoor spiders. Luckily the skills of the party druid helped alleviate the impact the spider venom had, and the group was able to collect quite the bounty of spider meat.

On their back to Emberhome the party noticed they were being trailed. Taking a cautious, but friendly approach, they met up with a hunting party devoted to Grandfather Winter. The two groups exchanged words and the party gave some of their spider meat as a gesture of goodwill.

Following their return, the party decided to investigate additional human trails they had ran across. Spending the next several days in pursuit, they eventually came upon a hunting party of Maar and things quickly escalated into violence. The party won out, though a scout from their enemies escaped.

With winter approaching, the steps taken to ensure a safe winter season mean the difference between life and death. Will the PCs focus on preventing attacks, or will they continue to ensure viable food stores for their friends and family?



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